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spring days

Hi all,
Well for January it was a warm balmy day.
So in Nasserein it was spring conditions. Spring skiing is fun-in spring.
This time in January is a funny time. Why-well not many people want to ski now. This is a time that is considered low season.
Personally this is a time that I would reccomend a holiday.
I look after 2 apartments in St Jakob. At the moment they are both empty.
I don’t really know why this is-has everyone spent too much on Christmas presents? or maybe a bit of that annual leave was used over Christmas and so everyone wants to wait a bit longer before they request more.
Whatever the reason is now is a time when accomodation will be cheaper than Febuary.
So if you are wanting to have ski holiday but are feeling the pinch check out this time.
This is not just this year-its is every year.
So this weekend is THE RACE!!
Well two days of ski racing. We have decided to go Swedish. Hasse(the boss) is a proud Swede. There are many great Swedish ladies on the world cup skiing circuit. We have sent an email to the Swedish team saying that Fang will be the Swedish bar. They haven’t replyed yet- oh well whatever.
We have Swedes driving down from Sweden(funny that) bringing us flags etc (Thanks Oskar you are the best) We may well make meatballs all weekend. Maybe that will tempt the Swedish ladies to drop by.
So getting into the race thing (Lindsey areyou going to race? I know she isn’t Swedish but I think she rocks)
Wednesday tomorrow, snow forecast for Friday. Might even totally get into the grove and have a little ski (or maybe snowboard) this week.
Take care

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