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snow, snow and a bit more snow

Hello all,
feeling so refreshed after a day off.
So tomorrow is race day. Today was the training day- and it got cancelled. Why-well it was dumping today. Windy as hell, cold and not so pleasant. So actually a good winter day. However when you have the fastest ladies in the world in town-these are not really the conditions that you want. I mean when you get your lycra on to speed down a hill at 100km(plus) you really need a smooth track. The race race ladies are not powder hounds. As much as they might love a powder day-they are out for podium fineshes.
So spare a thought for the folks that will be out all night tonight. They will be shovelling snow off the track, sliding down on their skis. I believe work starts around 12am.
Tomorrow in Fang House we will be yellow and blue. Go team Sweden. However looking at the start list there appears to be no Swedish ladies in the race. I am shocked!!! to say the least.
Lindsey has done her nails for tomorrow. Wishing Lindsey all the best for her comeback!!!
What ever happens,race, no race we will be at Fang.
See you soon xx

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