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ski racing

hello all,
sorry for the lack of posts in the last couple of days, some times it is just like that.
So what has happened in the last couple of days?
Rain, rain, rain!!
The Rain started on Friday, but Saturday was unreal.
If it had been a bit colder then it would have been alot of snow.
Oh well these things happen. Not much you can do about them. So may as well get on and the make the best of the situation.
This weekend we have a ladies ski race here in St Anton. This means that it is part of the World cup circuit. So we are going to have all the top women skiers coming to St Anton am Arlberg for 2 days of racing. These are the formula 1 ladies of skiing. Hey these are amazing Ladies-the speeds at which they can go are unreal. We are talking about speeds of up to 125km/ hr. Amazing when you are wearing a lyrca suit and a helmet. Not only that but you are not skiing velvetee pisted runs but ,scarey, steeper than you can believe runs!!!!
Ok so I am am a Kiwi and sports people are totally amazing to me. (Richie for Prime Minister)
I have a fav- Lindsay Vonn. An Amercian ski racer who has no fear. She is fantastic to watch.
However on the down side, most of Kapal and Gampen are now closed in preparation. There is a tunnel you can go throu to get to Nasserein.
If you don’t know my boss, Hasse is Swedish-so Fang may well be yellow and blue for the weekend. We will be the Swedish bar. He is off to IKEA tomorrow.
I was here when we had the world champs. It will be a great weekend!!!!
Take care xx

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