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Day off

Hello all,
Thursday wahoo my day off!!
Went for a ski today-yuck!
I am a terrible skier. I am a wanabe be skier. However I have always snowboarded.
When I say always well since I came here. I never saw snow until I was about 7. I grew up at the beach in a sailing family. Yes Austria is a land locked country but I come from NZ.
In NZ I skied maybe 2 weeks as I grew up.
So I snowboarded when I first got here. Loved it for years. Except I hate flat areas-nothing like running out of speed. Having to take a foot out and push while those damn skiers just use those sticks (yes I do know they are called poles)
So I decided to make the change. Here is my philosophy, snowboard for a week and by the end of that week you can look pretty damn good. Ski for a week and by the end of the week you still look like a tourist. I think there is a lot more technique to skiing.
So now when I am on my skis I look like a tourist. Everyone has to wait for me and I hate it. So I end up snowboarding.
It would probably help if I skied a bit more.
So today I only did one run and then went rodelling (tobogganing)
Had a great afternoon rodelling. Stopped at the rodel hutte. I love that place. Christoph is a lovely guy.
He told me today that they do dinner from 7pm. I would reccommend to book as it is very popular. (You can’t book for lunch but usually you get a spot after a short wait)
This place was re-built a couple of years ago. They really have done a fantastic job.I have written about this place before. I am writing again because it really is great -real austrain feel. ( I paid for all my food and drinks just like a tourist )
Rodelling in the afternoon is so much fun.Rodelling in evening is also fun but much busier (in the afternoon you can rent a rodel and just use your ski pass to get to Gampem- In the evening you must pay for the lift to take you to Gampen)
Rodelling can be a pretty fast. I would reccommend that children wear helmets (I wore mine today)
Crikey thats enough for today!!
Don’t forget we are trimming that damn beard of Harrys tomorrow. S
See you at 2pm

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