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Happy Birthday Merve xx

Hello all,
Well got to say day 2 of 2013 went a lot smoother than day 1.
Except it was freezing today!!!
I always work outside for 2 reasons- Tiroleans hate the cold
– inside is just a bit smokey and cramped
Thank goodness this works really well for Veronika and I. ( she is much happier inside, and does a way better job than I would)
However working outside does have it downfalls Number 1 being it can be REEEEAAAALLY cold. Normally in the village we don’t get much colder than minus 15. Up on Valluga it can much colder.
However standing outside all day can be a mission.
There is huge difference is ski clothes. The difference is in price and how good the damn stuffs works.
I am not a labels person, and would prefer to pay a little less. However there are some things that you should just pay the money!!!
Socks-wore my cheapies today. Bad choice had to go and buy decent socks at lunchtime from Jennewein (Nasserein Jennewein rocks) So 24 Euros later I ended up with warm feet. Its horrible being cold and lets face it if you are outside it won’t get any better it will only get more painful and uncomfortable. Merino may be expensive but it really does keep you warm. Layering works!!!!
Boring stuff but here in the Alps warm toes are always something you want.
PS Get well soon Marco. Poor Marco has been sick lately(not hungover as many people thought)Hopefully Marco will wake up tomorrow with abit more spring in his step

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