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Merry Christmas!!

Hello all,
well my Christmas e-mails are finally finished! In record time. Normally this can take up until the middle of March. For those of you who didn’t get an e-mail sorry about that.
I actually made a bit more of an effort this year.
My Mum had her 70th Birthday on the 3rd of Dec. So I decided to get some family photos done.
Don’t know how everyone feels about professional photographers-but the Johnson Family photo from last century frightens the living daylights out of me. Yes I know that was my fashion, but it was the 80′s.
However for the Ritson family photo I wanted something outside and snowy.
There is a place in Landeck that does studio pics, however they are normally in a studio(funny that)
However I have a friend that is a photographer. So I asked Justina to come round and do her best.
I was thrilled with the pics but had to wait for a week and a half for the CD to get to NZ. Got the answer this week-Mum loves the photos!! Thank goodness.
Justina is a friend, she has trained in Zurich for photography. She has a very impressive camera (not that I am easily impressed)
Justina is originally from Southern Germany and splits her time between here and there.
She has many customers here in St Anton including me, Mooserwirt, Arlmont, Maximillian etc.
If you are interested in having photos done here in St Anton, please look at
You will not be disappointed
Cheers xx

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  1. Chris lloyd says:

    Hi all and a very merry Christmas from Chris and Paula we were so super stoked to get a mention on the blog , though sitting in the Fang on Sunday afternoon having our last beers and goodbye jäger s made us feel really quite sad but I think our livers are thankful to be home . It was so cool to see you all again it really does feel like coming home and meeting up with proper friends, also many thanx for making Paula feel so welcome it was her first time and she is already hooked and kicking me to take her back to see you all again , she has even bought a shut the box as soon as we got home haha . Anyway sighning off for now see ya soon

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