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Rain rain go away!

Hello all,
woke up this morning to snain. This means one moment it snowing the next moment rain.(not sleet it is really big snow flakes one moment rain the next) The temperature is just a bit warmer than we would like. There was a snow line in the trees. I think from Gampen up it sow. It all changed later in the day. We then had blue skies, we then had full on wind and snow followed by snain.
Tomorrow is ‘Crazy Thursday’ what is Crazy Thursday? A group of people who ski together then a have a drink or two together. I will let you know how it goes.
Question for you- how much should a 2 minute 39 sec Taxi ride cost (today was icey,normally shorter)
Cheers, Maggie xx
Ps Thanks for the message Chris, look forward to seeing you and Paula soonish

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