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Maybe the last blog ever!!

Hello all,
I so believe in the power of positive thought. So I do not believe that the world will end tomorrow.
Today was a beauty, well for the morning anyway. Unfortunately the light did fade for the afternnoon-Flat light personally hate it.
Quiet day in Fang today- from tomorrow on might be a different story.
Tonight the Rodelbahn opened!!!! That means loads of fun to be had. The Rodel (toboggan track) is open every day from 12pm (snow conditions allowing) It is so much fun. You take the lift up to Gampen then cruise to the rodel track. It is approx 4km down to Nasserein. On the way way you can stop at the Rodel Hut. This is seriously one of the most beautiful huts on the mountain. The hut is impressive, the food is amazing, Christoph and Caroline are the most welcoming hosts. This is somewhere I always take my guests and it never fails to disapoint. I really do recomend ‘The Rodel Hutte’
The weather forcast for Sunday is not fangtastic, fingers crossed it will change. If you are coming to St Anton for Christmas you will have a great time!!
Looking forward to seeing you all (unless the world does end tomorrow)
Take care xx

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  1. Heidi says:

    Nice job, Maggie!

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