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So we are still here!!!

Isn’t the power of positive thought amazing!!! So we are still all here-excellent.
In Fang we had a celebration as we got our new baby today!!! Our new Jaegermeister machine arrived. Jaegermeister is so yummy at -18 degrees. So you can all be assured the Jaegi is cooled and waiting for you all.
There was a good amount of snow that fell today. The vis was meant to be terrible.
Rendl opened today and the opening was followed by an avalanche. Luckily no person was caught in it.
There is talk that the temperature is now meant to rise by 10-15 degrees in the next couple of days. This means that we will reach a toastie 10 degrees. Fingers crossed that it doesn’t rain.
St Anton will be full to the hilt as of tomorrow.
Looking forward to having a jaegi with you soon xx

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