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  1. Shane says:

    Hello you guys rock…

  2. Frida says:

    Great website, look forward to see more photos and blogposts..
    Hope everything is great !
    love frida

  3. Neil says:

    A big hello to all, what a great bar. I felt like I had an autopsy every morning after i cmae out of Fang. Looking forward to doing it again soon!!

  4. phantom says:

    yes we have that affect on many of our prized customers……..some thing to do with the water.

  5. Timmmey says:

    Heey, great website!!!!!. missing the jäggi alot…. take care and I see you guys soon. Peace

  6. Kim says:

    Are the Vagrants there?? if so then I will!!! : )

  7. Graham says:

    Hi Guys am still recovering from your hospitallity………..thanks for a great time Hassa and Jill, dont forget to contact me when you come over here, Martin has the details……..XX


  8. Malle says:

    Guys! what happend to the jeagerbombs pics? We miss them ! Take caaaaare

  9. Harper says:

    First for the season! See you on the 23rd!

  10. Gaenor says:

    Fantastic bar the best in St Anton……………the staff are just brilliant and as for the music, well just amazing. Love it Love it

  11. Jenny Nelson says:

    Kiaora Maggie!
    Good work in the blogs – it sounds wonderful where you are!
    Love and hugs

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