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another lovely warm spring day- NOT

Hello all,
had a chat to Mum and Dad on Skype this morning.The kids were looking at them thinking they were in fancy dress. I had to explain that (again) that Gran and Pops live on the other side of the world, and it is warm there at the moment. The kids don’t really buy this this, maybe Gran and Pops should dress up in there winter woolies for these skype chats.
I did something very strange today. I went to Rendl. Where is Rendl you ask.
Well its on the other side of the valley.
Rendl is a great place to ski, there are often a lot less people over there.
However I must admit I haven’t been there for ages(we are talking a loooooong time)
I go to Rendl regulary in the summer, but not so often in the winter.
However Rendl is great. It can be known as rocky Rendl. If the snow is a bit sparse then damage to skis is a commom thing.
Rendl is a place that care should also be taken in abundance.However as the snow at the moment is not so plentiful so I am not going to go on about avalanches.
If you are at Rendl, go to the bar that overlooks the fun park. There are 2 ladies that work here that are lots of fun-Silvia and Daniella. These ladies rock!”! Tell them Maggie sent you!
It is a kiwi guy that drives the the Pisten bully for the fun park, so that is why it look so magnificent.
Take care xx

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